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Hello again after a LONG LONG time...
I have started with a redisign and update of my site. For the last years I have not been busy with Sweet, most of you know why. But last sunday I was on Andy's gig here in Nuernberg and enjoyed their music for the first time again since years. I'm born again.....
What am I redesigning? I have built up a database with all my records, scans and information, so I can handle my website much better using techniques as PHP, MySql, Javascript and much more. It will also be easier to handle for me, so I am not waiting any more for months with updates.
During the progress of redesign, A LOT OF THINGS won't work properly as almost everything I am doing is causing side effects and I cannot do all in one go.
Regarding redesign, I have not yet decided everything, so when you have ideas please let me know what you would like to see and I will try and do so.
Hope to hear from you soon, I am happy for everyone contacting me.
Yours, Andreas (

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